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Resonant’s scalable tumor microenvironment platform accelerates therapeutic and target discovery against the most aggressive cancers.

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Our Proprietary Microenvironment Model

Resonant’s IMPaCT (Integrated Microenvironment Pathway Catalog and Triage) platform combines proprietary tumor microenvironment models with target and antibody-based therapeutic discovery and deep data-driven prioritization.

The modular IMPaCT platform exploits high-fidelity tumor microenvironment models to discover tumor-selective targets and therapeutics that are missed by traditional approaches. The approach is further enhanced by incorporation of specific microenvironmental components, enabling customized interrogation of specific disease states. Antibody therapeutic candidates are applicable to a wide variety of therapeutics (Ab, bi-specifics, ADCs, CAR-T).

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The microenvironment model induces surface protein expression specific to the tumor-immune interaction.


Specific modifications prioritize immune, cancer stem cell, or other specific cell states.

Fast and Scalable

The IMPaCT platform transforms a 4+ year discovery process into a 12-month cycle spanning model selection to in-hand drug candidates.

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Resonant technology can dramatically expand your drug discovery pipeline. Resonant customizes tumor microenvironment models to reflect specific disease states and microenvironment conditions.

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