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Introducing IMPaCT (Integrated Microenvironment Pathway Catalog and Triage)—Resonant Therapeutic's proprietary discovery platform.

Let the Cells DO the Work

Resonant begins with a biology-forward approach, letting the tumor microenvironment and live animal immune systems drive target and candidate selection instead of attempting to pick from often-biased experimental studies. Specific tumor microenvironment factors are critical to the malignant cell state, but are not present in traditional discovery models.

Researchers agree that targeting the microenvironment state is critical to combating cancer, but until now could not develop effective therapies.

Most cancer research uses either culture systems lacking microenvironment factors, or heterogeneous tumors which mask critical signals and are not amenable to high-throughput discovery. Our unique platform recapitulates the tumor microenvironment. We have already generated therapeutic antibodies which simply have not and would not have been discovered by other methods.

A System of Rich, Functional Data

Resonant has created a system of high-dimensional assays to rapidly characterize the antibodies and targets for functional activity and therapeutic tractability.

The Resonant process ranks candidates for tumor selectivity as well as functional attributes indicating potential for ADC, bi/multi-specifics, other therapeutic modality and diagnostic development

Prioritization Engine

Resonant combines biology with machine learning technologies to assess and prioritize our large libraries of candidates. Our proprietary Rapid Prioritization Engine integrates novel functional target annotation with publicly available data to assign a value score to every therapeutic candidate generated.

We move from model to therapeutic candidate at unprecedented speeds.

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Resonant technology can dramatically expand your drug discovery pipeline. Resonant customizes tumor microenvironment models to reflect specific disease states and microenvironment conditions.

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