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Resonant technology can dramatically expand your drug discovery pipeline. Resonant customizes tumor microenvironment models to reflect specific disease states and microenvironment conditions.

Discover Your Lead

Explore our catalog of novel, functionally validated antibodies suitable for use as naked antibodies, multi-specific antibodies, ADCs, CAR-T or diagnostic agents.

Proprietary IMPaCT Discovery Platform

Our cancer models can be customized to address partner disease indications of interest. The platform utilizes integrated, multi-dimensional and computational analyses identify and prioritize the optimal therapeutic candidates in as little as 12 months.

Novel tumor and immunological target Identification

Our proprietary models discover novel, highly selective tumor and tumor microenvironment targets, which are rigorously prioritized via integrated data science tools.

De-risk Development

Therapeutics discovered by Resonant or provided by partners are evaluated, alone or in combination, based on high-content/high-throughput phenotypic screens, human tumor expression and specificity, and algorithmic assessment of novelty and intellectual property.